Welcome to Desert Valley Mortuary, Cremation Services and Funeral Home in Yuma, AZ

As a family owned firm, we take pride in being family focused. No appointment is ever needed and when you walk in our doors, we listen to your requests and work around your schedule. Our arrangers are courteous, do not pressure you into high priced items, are not on commission, meet no quotas, and do not have to answer to stock holders. With this in mind, our atmosphere is pleasant and friendly.

Our History

The Dominguez family began their venture into funeral service in the Yuma area in 1999. The company was initially formed as a transport company which specialized in transporting the deceased from the place of death to the local funeral homes as well as transports and funeral services throughout Arizona and Southern California and into Mexico. It was then that our founder, Cesar Dominguez realized most of the funeral homes in Yuma were owned by large out of town corporations and sought to open a locally owned and operated funeral home to serve the Yuma area. In 2005 ground was broken to begin construction of Desert Valley Mortuary in the corner of County 16th St. and Avenue B. Our grand opening was in July 18th of 2006. Our families were born and raised in this community - We had a vision and pledged to provide the finest care and options at reasonable prices. With a commitment of remaining "family owned and family focused".